For shooting our films we use the latest film equipment, partly developed just for our specific use. We use as main camera Canon 1DX Mark II with 4K / 60p and others cameras from Sony and GoPro with the high-end optic of brands Schneider Kreuznach, Canon and Nikon. Overall we own more than 20 lenses for various applications from fisheye to huge Nikon 600mm f/4. We stabilize cameras with mechanical steadicams and motorized gimbals, wire dolly CableCam, cranes, arms, sliders and special camera arm installed on Quad. For colour corrections, light and contrast control, we use full range of the top quality B+W filters and MPTV Schneider Kreuznach filters. For detailed images of wild animals on the land or on the water we use remote controlled chassis developed by us. Aerial shooting we provide with four drones with payload up to 5 kg controlled by certified pilots. Timelapses are taken with fullframe DSLR cameras Canon with automatic motorized sliders.

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes Sprinter van with special tuning from German company Iglhaut Allrad help us to reach hardly accessible areas. We operate with Quad, heavy-duty inflatable boat Adventure and on the sea newly renovated steel yacht extended Reinke S10 named CAMERA equipped for filming and diving.

All film materials we process in postproduction with powerful stations.